residential projects

hirji residence

bryanston, johannesburg

project description:

This project was initially two separate properties which required the landscape intervention to successfully blend and mold the divided stands into one continuous park-like garden. This was achieved through the incorporation of rolling lawns and the clumping of trees to create forest like boundaries directing the user and creating rooms throughout the garden.

aujan residence

anse louise, mahe, seychelles

project description:

One of the more challenging international projects in terms of habitat and topography. This private house located in the indigenous forests of Mahe Island, required reintroduction of endemic species to the site. Accessibility and movement through the steep site was achieved by the winding pathway leading one around the property, through areas of rehabilitated natural vegetation, opening up onto various lawn areas for use as enjoyment and relaxation spaces.

mohammed residence

 parkview, johannesburg

project description:

Renovations were required to the garden surrounding this Tuscan style private home. In order to liven up the dead spaces which were previously created in the garden, a Mediterranean inspired approach was adopted. The creation of various ‘rooms’ allowed for the design of different environments and ultimately different experiences. Indigenous species were used in this Mediterranean inspired design to minimize maintenance and water requirements.

moholi residence

kyalami, johannesburg

project description:

The continuity from interior to exterior spaces and visa versa, was achieved with rolling lawns meeting the edge of the house and a continuation of the floor into the garden. Beds were placed all along the boundary wall as a means of breaking the strong edges of the garden. Topographical manipulation was important due to the steep gradient experienced on site. This was achieved through mounding of soil as well as the incorporation of various terraces. Making the gradient more practical and manageable facilitated the management and collection of stormwater at the bottom of the site.

ramos residence

alberton, johannesburg

project description:

Situated in the Meyersdal Nature Reserve Estate, the design of this project was strongly influenced by the surrounding natural vegetation on site. This was achieved by terracing the veld that leads you towards the house, framing the driveway. The terraced aspect of the beds aided in the management of on site stormwater. The rest of the beds surrounding the house are rock beds which incorporated strategic planting of aloes and cycad, bringing life to dead spaces and corners.

kaddoura residence

lusaka, zambia

project description:

A landscape was required which addressed and reduced the scale of the house in relation to the flat surrounding landscape. This was achieved through incorporating large planting beds along boundary walls, screening edges of the property and bringing greenery closer to the house. Large trees were necessary for bringing height next to the building, merging height of landscape with height of structure. The carefully chosen planting palette was based on their ability to compliment the house as well as screen large expanses of the building. Pathways and alternating areas break up the expanse of the landscape through visual and experiential changes in planting. The garden consists of a number of smaller elements and areas such as the orchard, forest and ponds for water planting.

mboweni profile

kyalami, johannesburg

project description:

The main design intention for this project was based on the clients brief, specifying the creation of an event space in the garden to be utilized and enjoyed by family and friends.

private island

abu dhabi, united arab emirates

project description:

This project included the design of two luxury villas on a private island, both a Tented Villa and Family Villa. Each villa required a unique and inspiring design intervention, each with its own opportunities and requirements in the harsh, arid surrounding environment. The image below indicated the proximity of the Villas from one another across the island.

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