specialized projects

ellis park stadium

cbd, johannesburg

project description:

Ellis Park was intended to be transformed into a sports precinct. The design provides spaces for a number of activities focused on various age groups. The space has been divided into areas which allow for a variety of social groups and events, creating a space that lends itself for constant use.

forest hill wetland

centurion, pretoria

project description:

Recreation and rehabilitation were the main focus points when it came to designing this project. The wetland will provide a place for different social activities while reintroducing the endemic habitat of the site.

kyalami castle

kyalami, johannesburg

project description:

This project revolved around the rehabilitation of the site to its indigenous state. It was very important in this project as the design intent was focused on creating a truly South African experience for its users. A nature walk has been included in the design, wandering through the fenced off area where a number of various antelope species have been introduced. In terms of stormwater management, a water reticulation system has been designed to work in a series of ponds/wetlands which will contribute to the reintroduction of natural vegetation to the area.

a walk to freedom

qunu, eastern cape

project description:

The memorial garden was designed to replicate Nelson Mandela’s life experiences in the form of a garden. The idea is that the pathway leading you through the garden will take you through similar symbolic situations as he did in his life. The planting palette is a strong and true indication of his most loved homeland, Mvezo. Along the walk descriptions will be indicated for users to truly appreciate the experience and associate themselves with Nelson Mandela’s life story.

sandhurst towers rooftop garden

sandton, johannesburg

project description:

There was a Modern design inspiration for this high-end, rooftop garden. The functional intention of the garden was centered around the creation of an outdoor area, accessible and available for utilization by people who are living in their apartments nearby and have no access to such spaces.

santa carolina island


project description:

The landscape intervention on this Island focused mainly on the protection and maintenance of all existing vegetation. There was a strong sense of site rehabilitation as well as dividing the site into areas of high use, adapting the planting in these zones to the high level of activity, making use of a selection of hardy and low maintenance plants.

wwf rooftop eco garden

cbd, johannesburg

project description:

This project was concerned with the use and implementation of Green Star principles. This included the incorporation of vertical gardens, herb and vegetable planters and water-wise planting while making use of recycled planter box materials.

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